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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Recent Trip " ATS@ CAMERON"


Again We would like to say MILLIONS thank you to all of our beloved  who participate recently to CAMERON HIGHLANDS . This time we managed to gather different GTR Drivers compared to the Penang trip . ALL of them are well behave LOL.. Overall there are 23GTRs and 1 Audi S5/4.2 engine and 1 BMW 645  . We had lots of Enjoyable moments during this trip. I will write it in details in the next FEW DAYS.


  1. Best bro....unable to langkawi for a meeting on that date...furthermore my GTR is still stuck with the oil seal & tyres issue with the xxxxing dealer...hopefully everything will settle by this few days..wait for my GTR upgrade with ATS soon....hehehehehe

  2. Tu la bro.. if u can make it sure more fun! Hope to see u soon bro..wait for our next trip :)