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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Variety Nissan GTR Exhaust Installed

We ' had installed numerous  BRANDS of exhaust since GTR exist in the market. From a superloud Exhaust to the super silent TItanium or stainless stell all we tried. With a proper diameter and the rite combo  of the exhaust will improve the hp gain and high pitch sound. If u need advise feel free to contact us.

Dyno Dynamics in Action

Since we have our DYNO DYNAMICS in house, this machine work very hard every single day to provide us results . So far we are very happy with this machine although it's a HEARTBREAKER dyno. To car owners who really into high horsepower numbers ..this dyno result will make u a bit sad. We dyno a STOCK Nissan GTR 2012 and only produce 417whp on this dyno. Here are some pictures for last week