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Thursday, March 31, 2011

NIce GTR R34 v-spec 2

Check Out One of the older warrior :) Nissan GTR R34 V-Spec2 Niceeeeee

Tips For Your GTR Tyres

Guys, i think i should share with you regarding the NISSAN GTR R35 Tyres,

1) For The Front Tyres for nissan GTR R35 tyres can all be use maximum up t0 20000km,

if not your tyre will be like the picture attached. This is due to the camber setting from nissan

for the purpose of better handling.This tyres cannot be rotate front to rear and cannot be rotate

inside to outside.

2) For the Rear tyres, it can last double life time compared to the front approximate 35000- 40000km.

3) Basically my best advise is, once you get your GTR from the showroom..bring them to a workshop and ask them to open the underneath cover and send it to a tyre shop and adjust the camber and do the allignment as well.

Some Pictures to share with you guys

Here are some pictures we brought down the VR38 engine for some inspections and parts upgrade, we changed together the original 570cc injector to the 1000cc from injector dynamics. This is an insurance to the engine for a higher boost application.

Blue is 570cc Nissan Injector

Black is the 1000cc Injector Dynamics

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seibon DRY Carbon Vented Hood/Bonnet

Currently here at ATSautomobile,
We have this seibon dry carbon vented hood for the nissan gtr r35.
We do have the OEM Hood Design as well.So for further enquiry..send me an email please.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Saturday At ATSautomobile.

We had a busy day since morning till late at night,Alhamdullilah we manage to settle evertyhing on the day it self including dyno tuning 2 GTR's. We did install a set ART exhaust for a GTR and a set of PASSWORD JDM exhaust to a GTR. Anyway i would like to say thank you to them who came down from penang and seremban to send and dyno tune your car :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

ART Titanium Exhaust Sound Test

We're happy to present the latest addition to ART Performance line of products, the Titanium Exhaust System for Nissan GTR.

We took it out for a test immediately after installation to share the outcome with you.

Please put on your headphones before viewing

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nissan GTR R35 with ABS Malfunction

This is the 3rd car we encounter this same issue :)

Normally the bonnet light,abs,vdc and traction will appeared.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

White GTR With Siebon Carbon Fibre Spoiler

Here is one of my favourite spoiler for the nissan GTR R35..Simple And Nice :)

Especially for a white gtr,this carbon spoiler really make the car stand out .

Nissan GTR R35 with Greddy Titanium exhaust

Here at ATS Automobile, we installed the Greddy Titanium exhaust + ART Y-pipe + ART Turbo Outlet + Custom Tune by ATS Automobile = 493Hp on wheel ( Dyno Dynamics)
386hp = Original Factory Nissan GTR ECU
411hp = COBB Stage 2 map
493hp = ATS Custom map

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dyno Pictures and Some ART Titanium Exhaust

Here at ATS Automobile,We prefered to DYNO tune our Client's Nissan GTR with the Dyno Dynamics Dyno..Normally for a stock nissan GTR R35 on this dyno it will only produce about 380hp-390hp on wheels. But after installing COBB and some other goddies the results are very impressive :) Anyway proud to share that now we are the Sold Distributor For "ART" performance products. For any enquiry do contact us.

Meisterchaft GT Racing Exhaust

This 2 Nissan GTR R35 cars are the first person using this meisterchaft exhaust system in malaysia.It's made by stainless steel. Honestly the sound really garang+ Very LOUD and it's one of a kind exhaust system. The exhaust system is using the 90mm diameter pipe and for high boost application it's good. So if you guys are into those Really LOUD exhaust system..i think you can try consider this :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dodson Thermostat

Hello guys, For those nissan gtr r35 in the asia country,this part is one of the good part to be change due to hot weather. This parituclar device help to reduce the engine oil temperature,transmission oil temperature and best is the water temperature. If u already installed cobb tuning acceport,this will work better because we can adjust the fan operating tempearature activation.