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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ultra Norsk Air Freshner

Ultra Norsk Air Freshner

The Ultra Norsk 'Designer' Air Fresheners are for those who like the scent of a name brand fragrance, Designer Fresh includes blends resembling popular colognes and perfumes. Spray in your car, at home, in the office -- anywhere you feel like introducing a familiar scent. Super Strength Ultra Norsk for extra-long lasting fragrance.

This Product is a very interesting and reliable product.
It has 28 Uniqe Flavours and A few Designer perfume brands

-1) SPECIALTY ->It has the "Perfume designer Fragrance"
-Inspired by ETERNITY - CK
-Inspired by COOL WATER - Daviddoff
-Inspired by CK ONE
And lots more

Other Flavours Are - Strawberry,vanilla,and much more

Easy to use, attractive, and long lasting
High quality scents, and designs
Fresh long lasting scent
Top Quality and Timeless appeal . ( It can last untill 1-2 month)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

led day light kit

we have the led day ligh kit

This is an oem product,produce by nissan
very stylish product
Installation can be provided

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Works Oil Cooler

Works Engineering Oil Cooler for any cars for sale

In this Picture we install it at a honda dc5

-Reduce oil temp

-Reduce oil pressure

-Stylish Products


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

AP Racing Disc J Hook Design Arrived

Today a few parts just arrived

-AP racing disc J hook design

-T 1 R steel Braided Line

-CarboTech Brake Pad

-Nissan OEM Led Day Light

Customer cars And Our Normal Working days

Satria neo ATS Custom Bodykit
-Frt Bumper
-Side Skirt
-Rear Bumper

RM 1500

Nissan GTR35 Carbon Fibre Bodykit(ZELE)
-Front Lip
-Side Skirt
-Rear Diffuser


Satria 'ATS' Custom Design

Nissan Fair lady Light weight Pulley Available
call for pricing-

HARMAN MOTIVE Air Intake With K&N filter
Rm 3000

Honda Civic FD Full Type R conversion
Frt Bonet - RM 1800
Bodykit pp - RM300

ATS Light weight crankshaft pulley for Campro engine

"ATS " Front Bumper with diffuser