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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ultra Norsk Air Freshner

The Ultra Norsk 'Designer' Air Fresheners are for those who like the scent of a name brand fragrance, Designer Fresh includes blends resembling popular colognes and perfumes. Spray in your car, at home, in the office -- anywhere you feel like introducing a familiar scent. Super Strength Ultra Norsk for extra-long lasting fragrance.

This Product is a very interesting and reliable product.
It has 28 Uniqe Flavours and A few Designer perfume brands

-1) SPECIALTY ->It has the "Perfume designer Fragrance"
-Inspired by ETERNITY - CK
-Inspired by COOL WATER - Daviddoff
-Inspired by CK ONE
And lots more

Other Flavours Are - Strawberry,vanilla,and much more

Easy to use, attractive, and long lasting
High quality scents, and designs
Fresh long lasting scent
Top Quality and Timeless appeal . ( It can last untill 1-2 month)

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