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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ALCON Brake System Install for various cars

Not enough stopping power??? ALCON  Brake system is one of the best solution to this.

Recently we installed a few kits of ALCON BIG BRAKE KIT for our customers.

Nissan GTR Superkit

- 6 pots monoblock calipers (FRONT)
- brake discs with super light disc bells, 384x34 mm 
- brake hoses
- brake pads Pagid RS9-2*
Kit on rear axle consists of :
- 4 pots monoblock calipers ( REAR)
- brake discs with super light disc bells 370x30 mm
- brake hoses
- brake pads Pagid RS9-2

AUDI S5 Front Brake Kit

- 6pot calipers with 365mm rotors

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another Beast Is ready to Hit The Road

This is All WHEEL HORSEPOWER via DYNO DYnamics

ATS Automobile Powered Ferrari 458 with IPE Innotech Exhaust System

Ferrari 458 Italia with the F1 exhaust produced by IPE Installed.

The parts that we change are

- F1 Performance Header with Heat Shield
- Catless Test Pipe (High Probably CEL will appear)
- Rear Valvetronic IPE innotech Muffler

Duration of time - 2 days

Overalll this exhaust really scream and give a very high pitch F1  tone sound.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brand New Nissan GTR 2012 Transformation

A brand new2012 GTR came for a big transform. Cobb Accesport is responsible to unleash the power.

Intercooler Hard Pipe
Injector Dynamics
Turbo Actuator
Air Intake + Knn Filter
ART Turbo Downpipe
ART Mid Pipe
Amuse Cat Back

GTR Corner 2012 Conversion

The EURO cars corner @ Ats Automobile


Recently Audi R8 v10  visit ATS Automobile for Oil change and some check up.  Initially we assume that the engine layout is similar to the lamborghini gallardo. But we are wrong.  To drain the oil there's 6 of places that need to open.We also had the Bentley continental came for maintenance and oil change.