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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome Mr. WTR 1

Again millions thank you for trusting us to tweak and do service to your ride. Honestly i really envy your plate number. One of the coolest plate number :) cool ride with a cool plate number. TWO thumbs up. Thank you sir :)

Nissan 350z extractor and Y pipe installed

We installed a custom 4- 1 extractor and a y pipe to this fairlady. This setting combo give an impressive results to the car. Basically there's more upgrade in the future. Basically the engine layout of this car is more or less like the nissan gtr r35 . will upload engine comparisons as well

BMW 645 For sale

Our customer car is on sale.SO to whoever interested with this lovely bmw 6 series please do call me.
The car came together with the original Ac bodykits and 19inch rims as well
This car is in a perfect condition and very low mileage. Its 645

Price rm320k not including plate number

Welcome to another Nissan GTR R35

First of all i would like to say thank you to come all over from east coast to send over your car to us. The owner did the right Choice by installing CoBB Accesport and we will take a gfood care of your ride :) Thanks Again.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Password JDM Dry carbon parts For honda Dc5 and EP3

Currently we already ordered the password jdm dry carbon parts .
Lighter, stronger, and makes more power than most other intakes on the market today… Introducing the all new PWJDM PowerChamber Intake for the EP3/DC5 type S. Just like the original PowerChamber from PWJDM, this one makes more all around usable power and has the killer looks to back it up. Dyno Proven 18.1 horsepower gains over base line with no other modifications made to the car. (Dyno tested @ Erick’s Racing by Erick Aguilar on a Bone Stock DC5!); this intake went toe to toe with a leading Cold Air System and spanked it silly. Made 100% of Dry Carbon Fiber or Carbon Kevlar, the choice is yours. This PowerChamber intake weighs ounces, it’s so light… we were about to call it the anti-gravity intake. The Password:JDM PowerChamber design makes more useable horsepower for normal and performance driving conditions. The problem with most CAI, is that they all look the same. It’s pretty much a filter on a stick if you think about it. It’s like trying to suck air or fluid through a very long skinny straw. CAI gives you peak gains and often flat results elsewhere on the power curve. The Password:JDM Dry Carbon PowerChamber delivers real life useable HP all throughout the power band. We spent hours upon hours engineering this PowerChamber so that we deliver to you a true performance product. Installs in less than 30 mins and requires the relocation of the battery from the stock location (Battery Relocator kit sold separately; PWJDM relocator repositions the battery next to the frame rail in front of the tranny)*. The dyno result from Erick’s Racing speaks volumes for itself. Made by PWJDM for PWJDM using our perfected Dry carbon process, this product is one of the finest real carbon pieces you will ever find. Made using 100% aerospace grade epoxy resin with real Hexcel Carbon Fiber or Carbon Kevlar, all of our Password:JDM Dry Carbon products are individually hand crafted here in the States. The beauty about hand crafted Carbon fiber products is they are as unique as a fingerprint; no two carbon items will ever be identical. We deliver our Carbon products in its natural finish. No clearcoat will ever applied by us to hide imperfections or correct blemishes commonly associated with Polyester resin like everyone else in the industry. We strongly believe that this takes away from Carbon Fiber’s distinguished properties and therefore defeats the purpose of using quality materials such as epoxy and real Carbon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nissan GTR R35 Turbo Outlet,Ceramic coated

The most economical way to increase power off the GTR R35 is to replacethe restrictive catalytic convertors to the Turbo Outlet pipes. Producedfrom SUS304 stainless high heat resistance with TIG welding. These pipesweigh only 3.4 kg, stock being 10.3 kg. Plus the benefit of increasedpower!

We have 2 versions ceramic coated and the stainless steel

Wheel Arches For various cars

Hello people

currently we have this few unique product for the japanase cars "the wheel arches
It came in 10mm or 20 mm

cars available are
nissan fairlady
nissan gtr r35
nissan gtr r32
nissan silvia s15
mazda rx8
mitsubishi evo x
and few mores
email me for any details

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nissan GTR R35 Carbon Products

Here are some of the seibon design carbon fibre products we have in stock
-Dry Carbon OEM Front hood
-Dry Carbon SEIBON Design Hood
-Dry Carbon High Lift Spoiler/Glossy carbon also available
-Dry Carbon Oem Spoiler / Glossy carbon also available
-Dry Carbon Front Grill/Glossy carbon
-Dry Carbon Hood Air duct/Glossy carbon
-Dry Carbon fender Grill/Glossy
-Zele Bodykit
-REAR AMUSE spoiler
-Front Carbon Fibre lips
-Front Auto Select Diffuser
-Front Seibon Design Diffuser
-Front Zele Carbon fibre Lips
And Many More.Contact or email me for details
-Carbon Engine Cover

Nissan GTR R35 SCHAFERHUND ARQRAY Exhaust System For Sale

We Have This ARQRAY Ehaust system for all type of cars. The current we have in stock is for the nissan gtr r35 with the titanium tip finishing. Arqray is from japan and the products are really really good and have the best finishing,they are hand made and one of the best in japan.
Selling Price Rm9300

Visit for more details

Thursday, May 13, 2010

ATS Automobile Interior.

Come to think about it, i had never snap any interior pictures of our shop. So i will snap a few and upload it in this few days.

Toyota Estima With A steering Rack Noise

This owner claimed that there's rattling sound while turning.We thought it was due to the drive shaft or something else. Surprisingly it's because of the steering rack and the mileage is 20,000km only.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Nissan Gtr R35 Transmission Issue

Another Nissan Gtr R35 Transmission Issue. This time the car was towed from Perak to KL. The transmission is in safe mode and only gear 1,3,5 available. We already removed the entire gearbox and transmission Fluid is really really dirty. Here is the internal parts picture


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Auto select Frt Lips installed and carbon wheel arch

We just installed the hard aluminum intercooler piping and some other parts to this car.

More pictures will be uploaded.Stay Tune

Friday, May 7, 2010

Honda Civic FD2 Type R conversion

Recently we did a full conversion for the honda civic fd 2 to the FD TYPE R,

Here are the list

-18 inch type r sport rims with falken tyres
-Full bodykit
-Rear spoiler with carbon blade
-Front carbon fibre grill
-Door handle
-modified door panel
-FUll body spray Championship white with 5 years warranty
-type r emblem
-Plate number
-Muffler tips

Toyota Alphard 3.0 timing belt change

This week is a busy week for us with TONS of major job in the shop. Its a very tiring week thou.

This picture we snap it will changing the ALPHARD 3.0 timing belt change and a major service.

Duration time to complete this is FULL DAY job and the engine need to be remove to get an easy acces to change the belt.This customer is from SEKINCHAN and its far away from his house but yet send to us for this job. Thank You