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Friday, November 27, 2009

Side Marker Installed

Rear side marker it look so much better with it..
Before this it was white colour..Now when u press the will switch on together

Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Amuse and GTR CARBON BONET

Another amuse spoiler installed and here are the pictures for our Carbon Bonet for the gtr35

Sepang Track Day

On sunday we went to sepang for an open track day, the weather was not so good cause it rains on and off.. we're there with the APD owner driving his EVO 9 with 500hp evo and with the DRAGSTAR subaru ver8 spec C claiming for 400 hp ;) and with our stock evo ..More upgrade with our evo in this short period of time..stay tune. Here are some pictures

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

LX-MODE Rx350 installed

Here are some pictures of the car that we installed the LX-MODE bodykit


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cool Chrome Gtr

Check Out Guys With This CooL Chrome Gtr

Perdana V6 Engine Rebuilt

Here are some pictures we are overhaulin a proton perdana V6 .
The complained for the car are

-External oil leaking
-White smoke while idle

Lexus RX-350 LX-MODE Bodykit Arrived

Today it self 2 big packaging arrived from Japan And Hong Kong.
We received our bodykit From Japan,its from LX-MODE.
We going to convert this bodykit to a Lexus Rx-350.Im sure this is the 1st LEXUS in Malaysia using this kit.This are the items

-Front Skirting
-Rear Side Skirting pcs
-Side Skirts
-Door panel
-And A few lining
This kit cost for RM 8+++
Stay Tuned With The Pictures

Airtrek Brembo Combo

Hello guys,

Over here we are doing a Mitsubishi Airtrek converted to a brembo caliper for front and back

These are the items that need to be prepare

-Front complete set knuckle,driveshaft,caliper and disc from evo5 and's just plug and play

-The rear caliper you need to fabricate a bracket to mount the caliper,it's not a massive modification.

-Lastly you need to change the rims as well ..because of the Offset

Total cost rm6500

Latest Honda Jazz Project

This is the latest project we did for last week..Checkout the honda jazz,with a custom design and painting as well..we will put the additional sticker on it in this week

total cost for painting and bodykit rm4000

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rainny Day

Today, is a rainny day over here in SUNWAY. We called today is the Nissan Day because we have 4 nissans came in and a few proton cars as well. We love protons ;)) Anyway To the nissan silvia owner,i really felt sorry for your aircond and thousands of appology .Here are some of the pics to share with you guys..

A Nissan gtr with fuel leakage,Weird smell in the car

A RX-8 with Overheating problem- It's due to the RESERVOIR..Its the manufacturer defect
A proton savvy with JERKING issue- Its a common problem for savvy

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nissan GTR Parts Gallery

Here Are Some Of Our Latest Products For Nissan Gtr 35.

Call Us For More Details

Friday, November 6, 2009

Amuse Spoiler Installed

Here are some of the pictures of the AMUSE spoiler installed.

The price for this spoiler i is RM5000

We are planning to install the ZELE bodykit around next week

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Amuse Nissan Gtr35 Rear Spoiler Arrived.

After been waiting for two weeks..all of our carbon fibre product for NISSAN GTR35 arrived.

We are going to install this spoiler to a car tommorow..Keep Update Guys.The Only Nissan Gtr35 With amuse spoiler in malaysia ;)

Call for pricing

LED side marker for Nissan GTR35 Arrived

We have the side marker for the nissan GTR 35 .

Basically it will switch on the side marker lights together with the rear tail light.

Unique product produced by MCR

Price including installation rm1850

Unlucky Day For Fairuz

Today is an unlucky day for one of our customer MR Fairuz AkA Malaysia Badminton Player,His lovely Honda Integra DC5 was smashed at TTDI and the APEXI RSM was gone.So sorry for you brother.