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Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Set CONCAVE Wheels Installed

Deep Concave for the of the excellent design

VR38dett Engine Post Mortem Update

Yet Another vr38dett is in progress of blueprint n balance with the forged internals + head package < made in BOLEH LAND> will post up some info and details. Stay tune

East Malaysia Visit

Injector Dynamics 1000cc In progress

Ready To Boost Up

Last weekend i had the chance to meet up with some of our borneo customers and managed to tune those GTRS over there..Although there's no dyno figures..the street tune also capable to unleash the power of the VR38. Thank you to all of u for the special treatment :)

Some Nice Line Up Pictures

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Month of September@ ATS Automobile

Mines Rear Spoiler @ ATS Automobile

Grab Your Mines Spoiler With a super dupaaaa good deal while stock last !!!

Another Forged Engine Rebuild

                                   Valve Spring + Retainers

                                    AMS Cast  Downpipe VS TITEK Cast Downpipe

                                  Forged Conrod + Pistons vs  OEM Nissan GTR pistons

80% ready to hit the road

New Wheels Installed

Injured Nissan GTR R35 :( + Chassis Repaired


No worries the chassis is not like the PROTON CARS ..the car wont drive like CRAB after repaired.
Hey Guys,

Just to share some information regarding the safety of this car..Frankly i had involved in repairing a few numbers of gtr from minor to major accident. Most of the body parts of this car is made by aluminium. Although it's aluminium but the safety of this car is top notch Example like this door, the inner part of it has a few thick bars to take a good care of the passanger and driver... The Car air bag + Bonnet Hood + ABS really works perfect as long u use your seat belt :)   Here is  some an unlucky Nissan GTR met in accident...