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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bmw E60 BMC cold air Intake

We just installed the BMC carbon air intake to the BMW E60 .The sound was superb and the engine bay looks beautiful.Here are those pictures

Air intake + customize air intake = RM1600

Saturday Working Days

Today i just got back from singapore. Very Tiring day.Lots of knowledge that i gain over there. I went there to discuss bout few things regarding gtr...surprisingly most of the GTR at the shops are doing the gearbox rebuilt.From what they shared with me, this problem will occurs to the Car once they reach about 50k mileage. Today we did a fair lady with a brake solenoid problem adn a Subaru with a differential leakage.Glad we manage to solve it

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some of our previous projects

This are some of our previous cool projects

Perodua kelisa-
Proton Putra-

Honda civic FD
More pictures will be upload

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Update

Today, it's a very busy day for the ATS crew.We have

2 Proton perdana v6- Both need to overhaul and rebuild engine

1 Hyundai Ascent - Due to gearbox failure

1 Kia Spectra - Gearbox solenoid malfunction

1 Toyota Mr2 3sgte

1 Nissan silvia S15

1 Honda civic EJ6- Engine Overheated and Need to transplant the engine

1 Proton satria GTI

1 Proton Iswara

Very Very Tiring Day

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


A week after the BLACK Nissan GTR35 had been in our shop due to the intelligent key failure, we are proud to SHARE that we already discover the problem and the car can start now ;) Hope it wont encounter in the near future.I assume maybe there's going to be a FEW GTR out there going to have this similiar problem.Congrats "ATS Crew".

ZELE Rear Tail Light Kit

Nissan Gtr 35 ZELE Tail Light Kit For Sale

This is a device to turn ON all FOUR LIGHTS at night time.Once you install this item,the brake light will turn 4 as well.This Product we sell it for Rm1400 including installation

Mr Low Profile From Kelantan

This Striking red GTR is from KELANTAN,he drove all the way down to kl just to upgrade a few stuff and just to see "US" .He's a very humble person and had TAUGHT ME a few valuable ADVICE.Thank You SIR for the advices ;))

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mini Cooper JCW

This is a mini cooper jcw edition with lots of modificationy ,
This car is a very nice and good handling..but they are fragile

The car is here for the Clutch pump faulty and the radiator fan motor failure.
For a mini this is a common issue once it reach about 70,000km
This are the list for the most common wear and tear for a mini cooper R53 supercharger

1) Belt tensioner
2) Belt tensioner bracket broke
3) Power steering leaking 45000km and above
4) Alternator Not charging 45000km and above
5) Aircond compressor clutch 45000-km and above
6) Wheel bearing 45000 km and above

Nissan Gtr 35 Starting Failure

We have a Nissan Gtr35 With a Starting Issue,

Basically the car couldnt start at all and just the intelligent key symbol appeared at the meter.

We went down to TERENGGANU to trouble shoot the car.But Sadly we couldnt make it within a day.So we need to towed the car all the way to our centre, "ATS Automobile" for further inspection.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DEI Titanium Wrap (Latest Technology)

Constructed from pulverized lava rock, extruded into fibers and then woven into a tight weave gives this material titanium-like strength and toughness. This improvement in thermal protection helps reduce underhood temperatures resulting in cooler air intake for improved performance. And less heat in the engine bay means reducing the chances of “heat soak” conditions on vital underhood components.Titanium Wrap is extremely durable and capable of handling more heat than any other wrap found in the market today. Typical glass fiber wrap is rated at handling 1200 degrees F of maximum direct heat, while Design Engineering’s new Titanium Wrap, using LR Technology, is capable of handling direct continuous heat up to 1800 degrees F and radiant heat up to 2800 degrees F. And because it’s pliable, there’s no need to wet the wrap when wrapping headers or pipes as many do in order to make the wrapping process easier to manage and to get a “tight” wrap. Available in 1” and 2” widths and 15 and 50 foot lengths, Titanium Wrap will not shrink and because of it’s material structure, it is more resistant to temperature and vibration break-down, abrasions, chemical and hot oil spills vs. glass fiber wrap. Plus DEI’s Titanium Wrap offers an added feature - a very cool carbon fiber look!

Perodua MYvi extractor

We do have the latest design extractor specially produced "exclusively" for the perodua myvi 1.3

- Its the 4-1 extractor
-1.2mm thickness
-Beautiful welding and design
-Proven product
-No CEL issue

Nissan Fairlady Exhaust system

We currently have the nissan fairlady 350z full set exhaust system.

-This product is a proven product that will gain extra 20hp

-This is a stainless stell with 1.2mm thickness

-No CEL issue

-It's Just Plug and Play

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ap Racing J Hook Design Disc Brake

The nissan GTR35 have this common problem regarding the disc brake,

1) The disc brake tend to crack due to the carbon that stuck at the hole
2) The heat off the disc will make the carbon to stay in the hole and lack of cooling issues
3) The material that used to the discs
are not suitable.The latest VSPEC are using
the ceramic disc.

Normally we can noticed this problem after driving the car for more then 20,000 km,to crack at
and we can see the disc tend at the hole.

The price for discs are RM12,000

Nissan Gtr35 Turbo OutLet and Y pipe

This turbo down pipe is a high flow turbo outlet withot catalytic converter.
There wont be any Issue with the Oxygen sensor.
The power that can be achieve with the down pipe approximate 10 hp,
We can feel the boost kick in earlier.
For the nissan gtr 35, the boost will spike at the earlier rpm amd reach near 23pso.What we want is a constant pressure,
When installing this product, we strongly recommend to wrap it with thermotec exhaust wrap,
This will help to maintain the high pressure exhaust gases,and reduced the engine bay temperature and less droning sound.Installation will be roughly 4 hours

Gtr Wald Pictures

This is one of the marvellous bodykit
for the nissan GTR35, Purely beautiful

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nissan Gtr 35 Wald Edition and some pics

For the moment,
This is the only one unit nissan gtr35 wald edition in malaysia
will upload more pics

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Carbon Fibre lips and Carbon Grill

New front carbon fibre lips and carbon fibre grill just arrived

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gtr Parts Installed

Agency Power Titanium Exhaust Tip And Carbon Fibre Spoiler

Stylish and light weight product from USA.
Titanium Benefits reduce heat and light weight