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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sarawak,Kuching. 24th - 27 th January 2013

This time we flew again to the Borneo, to meet and do up  some of our customers ride . While we are there we managed to bring down 1 GTR engine for the Aventador killer package and do up another 2 GTR's Although its abit tiring but its really worth it We had a very good time and thank you to all of you ! Thanks to the TOAZ workshop for the facilities.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

FULL Nissan GTR Carbon Fibre Interior

Here's Another Car that we installed the full carbon fibre trims.

Scenery @ ATS Automobile

Here are some pictures...Some scene and New Front Carbon Fibre Bonnet Installed

Nissan GTR Top Secret Front Bumper

Here Are Some Of the Picturess

ATS Automobile @ Maldives

Hi Everybody, its been a while i didnt updated ATS Automobile Blog. For the past few weeks im very busy with my personal issues. I just got married 3 weeks ago.  Rite After the weeding i need  flew to MALDIVES to do up a GTR with some issues and Performance upgrade upron request by the owner because  there's a race coming in the following weeks. Basically This is the only GTR that u can see in MALDIVES. Those peoples over there are extra Friendly and Really polite. I had a very very good time at Maldives and at THULHAGIRI Island Resort. I would like to say Millions Thank U to Mr Mahfuz,Mr Shanee and Mr shiyaz for Everything and  with your very best hospitality and hope to see u guys AGAIN.