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Friday, August 10, 2012

Nissan GTR //Original TOMMY Kaira + Top Secret

Another Singapore/penang GTR @ Ats Automobile

Recently We have  another Nissan GTR form singapore and penang came over to our shop for some upgrades and maintenance. We are pleased and appreciate to all of u . Thank You

Weirdo BreakDown Nissan GTR

Here's another GTR with a weirdo problem. This car had a list of problem

1) The Car Key cannot recognize the car
2) Ignition cannot be switch on
3) Alarm not functioning at all

Baasically from what he said this problem suddenly happened to him.. and he towed all the way from Perak .

Cobb Tuning Visit ATS Automobile

 Last week Ken Anderson From Cobb Tuning made a Visit to Our shop .We are happy for his visit and   hope to see u again in the near future :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Nissan GTR RCS Absorber VS Oem

Recently one of our customer would like to try  the RCS performance absorber. RCS is a Well Known Local SUSPENSION tunner for racing/street . Although this is the first set they produced, the results are good. The car will visit sepang any time soon and we can receive some feedback.