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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pearl White Nissan GTR R35

We have a new comers for the nissan gtr r35. This time it's pearl white. The car came with the led daylight kit. For me white colour gtr is not many on the road and it's very easy to pimp it. Thank You Sir

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nice BMW E90 M3

This is a very sexy bmw e90 with lots of carbon fibre goodies

Check out the car before it paint

Hot RED Nissan GTR R35

Here Another Hot RED Nissan GTR R35 In the Family

The Owner is a very macho person

Thank You sir for trusting us with your ride

Bmw E60 M5 conversion

Recently we did a conversion for BMW e60 to M5. It's the 2008 new facelift version

-M5 side mirror

-Fender grill

-Titanium Muffler tip

-Front, rear bumper and side skirt

-Breyton GTS sport RIMS 20inch

-Pedal booster
-Painting and installation

Accesport Cobb Tuning SOLVED :))

Hello guys,

Recently Im so busy working with 2 of my shops. I did manage to solved the issue for the nissan gtr r35 for the tcm software JF07D. Im so happy after all of the effort for few months.Thank You "JOE" from cobb tuning for being so patient and helpful to me. So for all the chasis number 4000 and above. No worries.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bmw E60 M-sport Spring installed

We installed the m-sport spring to this e60, the differences between the m-sport and the normal spring is the amount of coil and the thickness of the coil spring, m-sport is stiffer little bit.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honda Integra Dc5 Ings Bodykit

We installed another new faelift honda dc5 with the ings bodykit.

Here are some of the pictures

Another Weird Case

Few days back, a satria neo towed to our shop. This time the car is running 3 cylinder. What i suspect is maybe the ignition system got problem. Example the cable plug or the spark plug.After few minutes diagnosing the car, the ignition system is fine. I did a compression test to the car. The result for the second cylinder is "0" im shocked with the result. So we start to open the rocker cover n camshaft..what we saw was the valve spring for the intake valve was broken. I did call proton and ask them bout this, and they said this is normal issue for the campro engine.Fuhhh weird! manufacturer faulty

Broken Clutch Fork

We have a putra with evo engine towed to our shop. He complaint the clutch suddenly so soft. We assumed the clutch pump faulty. After diagnosing we noticed the clutch fork broke. Its not so weird for us and had ever encounter it for few times.Normally its due to the clutch that they used and sometimes the nipple behind the clutch fork.Like this case it's because he used the ACT racing clutch. It's so stiff

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Introducing the new CAPTOR-RF/GPS/GSM

Since now alot of crime cases regarding the cars, we are proud to become the dealer to sell this Captor system. The Ultimate System The only system in Malaysia that combines the accuracy of GPS, the speed of GSM and the ability to ‘home-in’ using RF (Radio Frequency) tracking. Immobilizers today are not enough and cannot protect you against tow-away, robbery and hijack.CAPTOR’s RF/GPS/GSM system is an advanced and comprehensive system that gives you the best chance at recovering your stolen car.CAPTOR Gets it Back!

3 ways to Track

2 ways to communicate

1 Ultimate System

*CAPTOR Security Solutions Provider*

For enquiry and information call us..