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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Carbon Fibre Products Here at ATS Automobile #revozport #ATS

Getting bored with with your Nissan GTR Exterior. Here at ATS Automobile we got a solution for Ur Ride.

Check out our Rear Lips that we install to those cars with the Ducktail trunk and spoilers. We have more designs here in our shop.

Lamborghini LP-560 Ecu Remap @ ATS Automobile

This time we got the opportunity to remap  the Lamborghini LP 560  on our DYNO DYNAMICS.
This car is equipped with Larini exhaust and cat delete as well. Most of the lamborghini and ferrari  will have the CHECK LIGHT pop up when they installed the cat delete. We can solve this issue  together with the remap.  Throttle response will improve + torque midrange will be noticeable after REMAP Process.

Another Full Forged Upgraded Engine From Us

Few weeks back we had  completed another Nissan GTR vr38 engine. We did blue print the engine  and install  w fresh forged high compression  pistons + Conrods + High Camshaft together with New Turbokit. Not to forget the best oil seperator from GT1R also in this build.

For the Fuel system  we trusted the Injector Dynamics to do this job together with the twin Walbro High Pressure fuel pumps to do the supply .

We trusted HKS to  reduce the intake air temperature before the air entering the combustion chamber.

Cobb SD will be the device for us to the tuning.