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Monday, February 22, 2010

Honda Integra Dc5 carbon hood arrived

These are all the parts arrived

nissan gtr r35 air vent
nissan gtr carbon fibre spoiler

honda integra dc5 mugen bonnet

bmw e92 carbon intake

evo side mirror
subaru impreza version 8 rear trunk

subaru impreza side mirror

m3 e92 carbon fibre side mirror

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nissan GTR R35 Titanium Exhaust

Currently We have this lightweight titanium exhaust in stock.

Compare to the original exhaust system..this is much more better and it's proven products.

The price for this is RM9500

Nissan GTR R35 TCM FLASH Part 2

This is the update for the Accesport TCM Flash Beta Testing. We drove all the way to pahang to dump in the new firmware and see the result with it. Basically we are 90% completing this mini project with cobb tuning. We already manage to dump in the firmware and downloaded the Original tcm software. Now things r much more easier for JOE @ Cobbtuning to crack it. We have both the JF07 rom. When we did this a few weird things occured to the TCM. For me this is for the whole community use to all of the gtr r35 owner.. Especially for the asian market.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Type One Racing (T1R) Steel Braided Hose Nissan GTR R35

We Just installed the stainless steel braided brake hose to a nissan gtr r35 produced by T1R,

Basically this product improve your braking system by making the brake fluid pressure to be at the optimum level.With this steel hose, once u applied brake..the hose wont expand and flow the brake fluid staright to the caliper with the highest pressure.Less spounge will be notice.

CarbonFibre Air Duct Nissan Gtr R35

Yesterday We installed the carbon fibre air duct to a nissan gtr r35, it was beautiful. The fitment was perfect.No modification needed.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

We from ATS Automobile and ATS Auto Painting Wishing U guys Happy Chinese New Year. We will start our business back as usual on Tuesday. We had a very veyr very busy day . Thank You.

Nissan GTR R35 F1 Brake light and Matte Carbon Spoiler

Today we installed the New Version Of Our F1 brake light. It look so cool ;) we did installed the wheel spacers and the MATTE carbon spoiler also.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Accesport Speedlimiter In the Tcm Nissan Gtr R35

Currently now we are doing the beta testing for the software and firmware for cobb tuning accesport for the nissan gtr35 before they released it to the public. Basically all of the gtr having the chasis number 4+++ and above will face this issue. We have this issue since october last year and keep them update for this. We already tested on 2 gtr's and only one suceed with minor issue. Another one we still trying giving them the rom.So we will keep u guys update. Thank You Joe From Cobb Tuning.Here are some weird pictures.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CarboTech Brake Pads

Currently we have a lot of stocks for the NISSAN GTR35 brake pads in stock.

We do have lots of carbon fibre accesorries as well such as
-Carbon front hood
-Carbon Fender Grill
-Carbon Front Grill
-Carbon Air Hood Vent
-Carbon Rear spoiler
-Amuse rear spoiler
-Zele Full bodykit
-Steelbraided Hose
-Harman Motive Air Intake
-K&N filter
-Titanium Exhaust
-Cobb Accesport
-Zele Tail light kit
-H&R wheel spacers
-Rear F1 Light
-Turbo outlet, Y pipe and manymore

Suzuki Swift Bodykit Installed

Today we installed the suzuki swift bodykit and the result was awesome. The fitment is perfect and no gab between the bumper. What i can say regarding this bodykit is The car look UNIQUE in its own way ;)) This is Hikari Bodykit. ToTal cost including painting n installation RM2800

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ogura Racing Clutch Honda DC5 Installed

Currently we installed a Ogura Racing Clutch to the honda integra DC5, this clutch is really suitable for street use because it's not stiff compared to the exedy racing clutch.The design of it is different compared to the normal clutch.This clutch come together with the flywheel.In the mean time we installed this clutch together with our custom extractor.This clutch cost for rm3200

Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Toyota Mark X speedlimiter removed

We have another toyota mark x with the speed limiter problem. Again HKS is the answer..although it's pricy people still willing to pay just for the speed ;)

Toyota Camry With Hybrid Tail Lamp

We just installed a rear tail lamp for a toyota camry.Honestly i find this tail lamp is really cool. Its originally for the toyota camry hybrid. Its a very rare tail lamp. Enjoy !!