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Friday, February 14, 2014

Nissan GTR Meter Repair @ ATS Automobile

Hi Guys,

If u guys had problem with your Nissan GTR R35  Meter, we over here @ ATS Automobile will settle this issue within 1 day :) Dont hesitate to call Us.

Nissan GTR R35 ECU Understanding and TroubleShooting

Recently we had issue with a nissan GTR, the problem is intermittent..Look Carefully at this nissan gtr ecu by hitachi, something  weird issues happened. problem come and go once a while. Frankly we love troubleshooting although we need to brain storm for few days .

Nissan GTR Monitor Display Problem

Nissan GTR R35 been in the market from 2007 till now. We had encounter many problems from the electronic devices, engine and the gearbox. One of the common problem  is the monitor function display ( MFD )
Through my countless years experience handling GTRS, this issue will only happened to the JDM Model. For the EUDM we only encounter this on 2 GTRS
The early symptoms are the monitor will turn to blueish colour or greenish or yellowish.