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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nissan GTR R35 gearbox Problem Discovered

Hello peoples :) just to share with you guys ...we already discover the nissan gtr r35 gearbox problem. Im proudly happy with this and believe more gtr will be coming. We already notcied a few weakness regarding this nissan GR6 Transmission.So after 2 weeks diagnosing Alhamdulilah we figure it out. Thank you and Congratulations to the ATS Team.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nissan GTR R35 Intercooler Piping

We just installed the aluminium intercooler piping for the nissan gtr r35. The diameter of the piping is 2.75 and the finishing is awesome. Result after installing this kit is brilliant. We do have the air intake as well.

Cobb Tuning Authorized GTR Pro Tuner And Dealer

We are proud to announce that we are the Authorized GTR Pro Tuner And The authorized dealer for COBB TUNING. Thank You Scott and Joe From cobb tuning. More coming projects going to explore in the near future.Congrats


Thursday, April 22, 2010

GR6 Transmission Trouble shooting

Today There's a GTR R35 with this two code. Sometimes the car was ok and sometimes it's not.
So we did a few things to the car including valvebody overhaul.We are still diagnosing it. We are going to remove the whole gr6 tommorow. I have snap a few pictures regarding the valvebody.The valve body is the ACM. Actuator Control Module. There is another thingy called the FCM. Front Control Module


This car did a full conversion from a normal E60 to a full E60 M-sport Hamman Bodykit with the marvelous colour as well

Here Is the list
Front And Rear M-Sport Bumper
M5 side mirror (OEM)
Hamman front diffuser
Hamman Side Skirt
Hamman Rear Diffuser
Hamman Exhaust Muffler Tips
Rear Ac Roof spoiler
M-sport Boot Spoiler
M5 Plate Bracket
M5 fender grill
Matte Black Front Grill
Carbon Fibre Emblem
Complete Spray

Another TCM speedlimit

Today here is another TCM speed limit issue. This time it's easier to fix because we already experienced it before. Just wait for the latest firmware for the accesport. More application can be tweak especially the TCM thingy

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nissan Fairlady been PIMPED by ATS

This fairlady been pimped by ATS with a one in a kind colour.

including Varis carbon fibre hood,agency power titanium exhaust,sport rims n ETC

Nissan GTR R35 Auto Select Front Lip

Hello people.

Currently we have the Nissan Gtr R35 Front Lip ..Produced by AUTOSELECT.

We have in 2 differents material.

1) FRP Material

2) Dry Carbon Fibre

Call For further pricing

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vibration at High Speed

A new car came with a complaint saying that, the car will vibrate once it reach 100km/h -120km/h after that there's no vibration. Its kinda weird. No dented rim, on wheel balancing already tyres. Lastly the answer for this issue is from the wheel balancing. We sent it to the 3rd tyre shop belong to my college friend and thank god we found the answer.It's the wheel balancing problem. Its hard to believe it but that's the answer.