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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Alcon Rotors + Dyno + Sport Rims + Some Pictures @ April

Audi s5 Radio issue

Recently we had an AUDI s5 complaint that the radio cannot be switch off although the radio already switch off. This car is year 2010. Although the car is still new.. this problem did happened to this owner, Glad we managed to fix this :)

Lamborghini Monitor/Radio Problem

We noticed there's a few lamborghini monitor/radio problem out there. Normally the display it black out or the radio not functioning, Alhamdullilah we have a solution for this issue.  This problem normally encounter to the Gallardo/LP. Feel free to contact us.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

ATS Automobile Cruize Penang

Last week we did another Convoy for our Beloved Customers. This time we hit to the Penang Island to meet some of our customers at that region + chilling over there.We managed to gather around 50 cars for this trip . We would like to say Million Thank You to the Mr Percy and Mr Ong for helping us to make this event happened. TO all of you who participate in this event we really really had lots of Fun !

Our Video will uploaded sooon