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Monday, December 21, 2009

ATS on sunday

Just to inform you guys we open 7 days a week so you guys can come on the weekend as well..

This are those cars on sunday...A mini complaint a scretching sound from the rear...And A dc5 with minor complaints...another dc5 we are putting a custom spacer to make sure the rear wheel look wider because it's using the ings bumper. We have a gen 2 with a big hole at the oil to all the gen2 owners if you change ur spring or lowered your car please be careful when ever u hit a bump..

ATS Paint Shop Working Day

So far things are doing very good at our paint shop..and insyallah we will make a soft launch next month..I will invite you guys for the official opening ;) Here are some pictures for you guys to view..Basically when we paint the whole car, you guys will receive a certificate provided by the Paint supplier stated that the warranty for the paint deffect and faded issues for 3 years.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Honda Integra DC5 Bodykit installed

Here are some of the pictures before the car is ready...basically we did front,side and rear..

will upload more pics soon

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nissan GTR Titanium Exhaust Arrived

We have this exhaust system in stock..

Light weight and sounds great

Call us for more details

Suzuki Swift Hikari Bodykit Arrived

Currently we have the suzuki swift hikari bodykit..The Material and the fitment is perfect..View the pictures..

-Front bumper

-side skirt

-rear bumper

-front led

-rear chrome exhaust cover

Price Rm2+++

Pictures and Pictures

Here are some of the cars we did for past few days..

No Reverse Gear ..Hmph!!!

This is a funny case for this car...the car can drive perfectly through all gearss..but the sad part,the car cannot reverse at all heheh...from what i know the reverse gear for this gearbox, it's operated mechanically .not using the valvebody or any solenoid..we are trying to fix it with the cheapest method.!!will update the news

Crank Angle sensor faulty

This car belong to my skoolmate and she's hot as well LOL..she said on her way to klia,suddenly the car shutdown and she need to tow the car home. Its due to the crank angle sensor failure.Pity her ..coz her mileage was around 40K.

BC Adjustable Absorber Installed

We installed this BC absorber for a mitsubishi lancer..The feedback from the customer was good..and the price is reasonable rm2900 including installation.Basically this product are well known in UK and USA..they are manufactured in taiwan but the QC was good.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today this is the first car that we paint at our new shop. This mercedes belongs to MR,KEN. Really appreciate your support.Thank You brother..we going to paint our EVO as well..with some designs as well..Here are some pictures and those cars for our first day. Alhamdullilah ;)

Horrible accident

Yesterday one of our staff cousin met in an accident near bidor..The car was horrible.Luckily the driver escape with minor injury ..Alhamdullilah.The car was total lost. Felt sorry for the owner.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ATS New Outlet Renovation

Here are some pictures of the interior of the shope..This shop is strictly for painting and bodywork and road tax and insurance renewal ..will post more photos

Weird Breakdown

Hello guys,

Today a friend of mine called me and claim his car i towed the unlucky car to my shop..Guess what.. the alternator belt SNAP..After an hour checking and trouble shoot for the cause of this issue,i finally notice there's a cat in the engine bay ..OH MY GOD. Thank god it still alive..what a weird case