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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

COBB Ap 005 upgrade TO Ap 006

To all of you who are  interested to upgrade their COBB Ap Nis 005 to theCOBB AP Nis 006 with newer Software with TCM capability feel free to contact us :)

Hks GT800 + Swift spring + Hks internals+ ADv1 wheels

After 3 months driving the car with the stage 4 upgrades..this time 2 customers intend to go with the next level upgrade. The  Hks  GT800  is their choice. For the bottom block the HKS pistons + Hks Rods will take the responsibility for the High Torque and load. Hks intercooler is incharge to reduce the intake air temp and the  Greddy Fuel Rail + INJECTOR Dynamics+ Deactwerk will be responsible for the fuel system. For the ext system ART Titanium Y pipe + AMUSE catback is in charge for this beast.For The Transmission the dodson superstock clutch plate and clips is ready to transmit the power to the wheels. Cobb Tunning Is the Brain for all of this upgrade. This car is runing on RON 95..we believe it can produce more power with better fuel

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nissan GTR R35 Carbon Fibre Interior

Here is an exclusive products for carbon fiber lover..after a month waiting for this parts at last it arrive at OUR shop . Total 22 pieces of carbon fibre parts . We can do it in 2 choices of carbon design

100% perfect fitment  .

1) The Glossy Type
2) Dry Carbon

For our next incoming products they are in DRY Carbon.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Month Of May @ ATS Automobile

 This Is The Actuator Control Module when we open it apart  For the nissan gtr gearbox. Its Located above the oil pan .Time to overhaul...
 Injector Dynamics+ Hks Splugs+Turbo Actuators

 Welcome sir :)
Meisterchaft Exhaust Installed... SUPERLOUD

2010 GTR @ Dyno Dynamics

"After a few months driving a stock GTR .. Now Its  time for minor upgrades "said the owner.

For this stage we proceed with those items.

1000cc Injector Dynamics will be responsible to inject the FUEL  to the combustion Chamber.
ART Turbo Outlet - Make the turbo spool Freely
ART Mid Pipe
Willal Titanium Exhaust
Knn Drop In filter
Cobb Accesport 006

HyperTune Magazine !

Hello Guyss,

 Grab the latest HyperTune magazine to catch the write up regarding our latest trip to CAMERON Highlands,  Thanks Hypertune..

Now we are planning for our next trip in the month of JUNE. This time we are heading to  EAST COAST..i will keep you guys update for next event!!!