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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nissan GTR + Endless E- Slit Disc Brake+ Nissan GTR CCFL headlamp

Hi Guys,

Hope all of you are well. In october here at ATS Automobile we are preparing for our Another ATS + New OUTLET located also in BANDAR SUNWAY. It's Facing the SUNWAY COLLEGE.

MeanWhile here at ATS we also busy dealing with some of new gtr customers. Some of them from Kelantan, Johor and Penang. I would like to say thank you for coming over. Recently we


- Endless E- Slit Disc brake <--- Super Beautiful ROTORS produced by ENDLESS

- GTR Headlights + CCFL LED Illumination Surround on each projector <-- coool products and rare in the market !! trust me

- 2 nissan gtr orange + cobb tuning + custom tuned+ GT600kit Combo!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stock VR38DETT Engine + Hybrid Turbo Upgrade

Recently we installed the hybrid turbo produced to a stock nissan gtr engine+stock gearbox + Cobb accesport+1000cc injector dynamics + Exht system+ intercooler piping and custom tuning. We dyno tuned the car using DYNO Dynamics @ Heartbreaker Dyno . Before installing those parts the car only produced 386 at wheel horse power and generating about 486 engine horsepower. After installing the turbo and other parts this car produced 612 Wheel Horse power and about 765 engine horsepower. We can see the improvement of 226 wheel horsepower :) In the near future.. the fuel system will be upgrade+ Internal parts + Higher boost.