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Friday, March 30, 2012

Nissan 370z with forged wheels

Nissan GTR Without a Dashboard

Recently we remove the Nissan GTR dashboard to solve an issue.. What we notice the safety features are good for this car. The bar is really thick :0.

Check out our custom yellow caliper with the black colour wheels ..Really blend in very well!!!

Nissan GTR DYNO tuning with COBB and custom tune map

With just a minimal upgrade ..a stock GTR can really deliver  good mid range torque and give the driver a Nice G-force. The basic upgrade such as

Bigger injector(1000cc Injector Dynamics) <-- stock is 570cc. At higher boost injector duty cycle will hit 100%
Downpipe(turbo outlet) <-- make your turbo spool better without any restriction
Y-pipe(mid pipe)
Knn Drop In filter.
Cobb Custom Dyno Tune Map

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nissan GTR R35 Gearbox Weird Problem

Past Few Weeks.. there's a car come with the Towing with a weirdo gearbox issued. The car cant be drive ..At the display meter the indicator of gearbox problem appeared.when u enter D the car wont move at all. The best PART there's no fault code or error at the CONSULT showing. *PENING*, If there's any could things going to be easier. .. So my brain start to think what and where should i start to diagnose. Alhamdullilah after few hours cracking my head we managed to solved it ...AMIN

Some Of The New GTRS here in ATS..

Here Are some of the NEW GTR here at ATS, Wishing u thank you for coming and support Us.. For some cars that i din managed to put those pictures..SORRY :) Also this is another ORANGE GTR in the FAMILY !!

Our Recent Trip " ATS@ CAMERON"


Again We would like to say MILLIONS thank you to all of our beloved  who participate recently to CAMERON HIGHLANDS . This time we managed to gather different GTR Drivers compared to the Penang trip . ALL of them are well behave LOL.. Overall there are 23GTRs and 1 Audi S5/4.2 engine and 1 BMW 645  . We had lots of Enjoyable moments during this trip. I will write it in details in the next FEW DAYS.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lamborghini Gallardo Clutch Replaced

Last week i myself went to bangkok to visit/ help a good friend of mine to replaced his Lamborghini E-Gear Clutch . We bring together Our LARA diagnostic equipment along. Th is a hasle job because we need to remove the whole rear bumper/exhaust and whole thing that attach to the rear section. The gearbox size is as big as the NISSAN GTR gearbox. After few hours dismantling everything,at last  we managed to remove the clutch from the car. Basically this car is using the DRY CLUTCH type,Exactly the same like our normal MANUAL clutch system except there's a sensor located at the clutch bearing to determine the clutch thichkness using the computer. Overall it's not as complicated as the GTR Gearbox .

COBB Tuning BETA FOR BMW 335 @ E92 Turbo

Hi Guys,

Glad  to announce with you guys.. we had completed the COBB Tuning BETA testing for the BMW E92 335 turbo with one of our customer car. Previously the cobb proudct only support for certain  region. After 2 weeks alhamdullilah they managed to crack the ROM. For this particular car there a few well known brand offering the ECU Reflash tuning. I my self have a big confidence with cobb after looking at the software out put. For the result, the driving experience is totally different comparing to a stock 335. The torque came in early and it's much smoother and better midrange power,totally wild!I my self very confident that this is the FIRST BMW runing cobb here in our country. I will attach a dyno result and im very confident this is a good and useful product. If you guys need any information feel free to EMAIL me

Here are the lists for the BMW

-BMW 135
-BMW 335i
-BMW 535
-BMW Z4is
-BMW 1 M