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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Striking Yellow Nissan GTR

Here's another Striking yellow nissan gtr r35 + wald bodykit. Currently now we have 4 WALD nissan gtr with different colours. Red,Yellow,Titanium and White. Check out this orange GTR with the VARIS front carbon bonnet and Rexxstyling Front Carbon Lips. The CCFL lights really make the car OUTSTANDING

Another Ferrari 458 Italia In ATS

Last week we received another Ferrari 458 Italia here at ATS Automobile. A few complaints from the owner and we need to solve it. Its regarding the rattling sound .

Another 750hp Nissan GTR from ATS

Now Nissan GTR owners are really into turbo upgrade. Also in this month we managed to built another Nissan GTR with the turbo upgrade . Honestly we tried a few reputable hybrid turbo brand that available in the market and notice a few different results. Some of the turbo spool slower and u can notice a bit turbo lag. The GT800 also produce different results .Make sure u guys get the rite turbo and rite ingredients. Injector Dynamics is our 1st choice for the injectors upgrade.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

ATS In the Month Of January

Hey guys,

Since the ATS@Penang Trip, we are really really busy serving all needs to ALL the GTR Owners. We do encounter  new  issues for the 2010 JDM. Basically The Speedimit is still there although we already flash Using COBB. Alhamdullulilah after 1 week JOE@COBB Software engineer managed to fix this. Thank you so much to the MR. WWE27 for the BETA testing  really appreciate it. The 2012 Nissan GTR also came recently .All i can say of this car is WOW!. Thank You sir.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ATS@PENANG 14/01/2012- 15/01/2012

On the 14th January 2012, ATS Automobile Organized a trip for their beloved customers to the northern, we managed to gather 18 Nissan GTR R35 and 2 BMW 6series for our escort. We gathered at the SUNGAI BULOH rest area n hit the highway around 10am.We stoped at the TAPAH rest area and we make the SHELL station packed with the GTRS. Further we continue our journey straight to Penang and made a pit stop to meet MR.Ong ( MR Nice and cool Guy ) and some other GTR members at the JURU Tol .We had lunch at AUTO CITY Kari Kepala ikan. Honestly they had the best kari kepala ikan. After lunch,MR Ong brought us to a car wash that already well prepared to wash  ALL  of our cars :) Around 5 pm only we arrived HARD ROCK Penang. After few hours driving now is the only opportunity for us to rest before we need to meet up  for dinner . 8pm all of us start to gather at the lobby and we drive to our dinner destination " GURNEY PARAGON MALL" We are all welcome by the mangement/photographer and had a super VIP parking infront of the mall. THANKS to the management and MR.Ong. TGI Fridays is our menu for Dinner and also we had a surprise B'day to Mr.Faizal,Mr Fauza and Mr Khairul's wife :)


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ATS Automobile " PLUS" and FERRARI 458

Hey Guys,

For 2012 we planned to venture more and deeper with the FERRARI 458 Italia.. Currently some of our GTR customers already purchase this Marvellous car.The gearbox is super dupa smooth and its easy to drive.Anyway More Brain storming and reading for me this year . I believe insyallah we can do it and serve all of our customers the best . ThAnks

Friday, January 6, 2012

ATS recent Trip To Bangkok

Here are some pictures when i went down to bangkok :) We manage to do 5 cars in 3 days . More will come. They really love GT800 . Thankssss TO all Of you while im there.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Nissan GTR HKS GT800,Agency Power Exhaust system

Happy New Year to all of u, Currently we have the HKS GT800 kit and The other Hybrid Turbokit in stock . Feel free to send me an email for pricing. The hybrid turbo is capable to produce power like the hks gt800 as well :) Also we have the Agency power exhaust system here. Its a valvetronic exhaust