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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nissan GTR 2008 facelift conversion to Nissan GTR 2011

Over here we are doing the Facelift  conversion from the  2008 Nissan GTR to the 2011 Nissan GTR. We have the option to use all OEM products or aftermarket. For the Rear we will upload some pictures soon.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ART TItanium Exhaust Sound Preview

ART Titanium Exhaust Subaru GDB Installed.

ART Titanium Exhaust Nissan GTR R35

ART Titanium Exhaust VW Mk6

ART Titanium Exhaust Nissan 370z

Soon I will put the Meisterchaft/Agency Power/Greddy/M7 and some othe brands as well..

Sunday, November 18, 2012

NIssan GTR 2011 FRT Bumper + New GTR Comerss

                            ORIGINAL 2011 Front Bumper + Original DRL

Another Design Carbon Fibre Hood

Here's Some of the pictures of the carbon partss and check out the wheels as well

EUDM Nissan GTR Ready to Hit The Road

An owner came with This Unregister Virgin Black GTR asking for more power. After discussing with him, we decided to maximize the performance of  the STOCK turbo output along with some other parts . Here's the list.

Air Filter - M7 Drop in filter

Brake Perfomance  - "Alcon" Rotor will do this job along with M7 700degrees Brake pads +  Steel Braided Hose. CUSTOM caliper colour scheme

Wheels- BC Forged Wheels

Exhaust - ART Cast Downpipe + Midpipe+ M7 Titanium Exhaust

Fuel- Injector Dynamics 1000cc

Turbo Actuator

Aluminium Intercooler Pipe


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Borneo Drag Race

Last saturday,there's a Drag Race held at Sarawak.  Cars from sarawak,Brunei and sabah participate in this event..There are about 100cars in that race in lots of categories. Alhamdullilah one of our customer won this race :) Congratulations!!

SABAH and Sarawak Visit

Last week i visited sabah/sarawak GTRs..overthere i managed to fix a gearbox and tuned up some cars ..Thank you  to all of u for the special treatment. Can wait to see u guys again for the NEXT PROJECT :)

ALCON Brake Super Kit Installed

Currently we have few sets of ALCON products here ..we just installed the superkit to one of our customers. Comments from the customer " Satisfaction Guarantee"

These super kit SPECS

 Front Brake MONOBLOCK Calipers - 6 pistons

 Rear  Brake MONOBLOCK Calipers -  6 pistons ..(original only used 4 pistons)

Front Disc Rotor  - 400mm  ( original 390mm only)

Rear Disc Rotor - 385 mm

Brake pad is bigger Compare to the stock

Goodrige Brake hoses supplied together

Month of November ( Nissan GTR carbon fibre products)

We just received some of carbon fibre parts here at our shop..we have the front bonnet,sideskirt,rear diffuser,engine cover,veilside front bumper+ carbon frt lips