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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lexus RX-350 LX-MODE Bodykit Arrived

Today it self 2 big packaging arrived from Japan And Hong Kong.
We received our bodykit From Japan,its from LX-MODE.
We going to convert this bodykit to a Lexus Rx-350.Im sure this is the 1st LEXUS in Malaysia using this kit.This are the items

-Front Skirting
-Rear Side Skirting pcs
-Side Skirts
-Door panel
-And A few lining
This kit cost for RM 8+++
Stay Tuned With The Pictures


  1. hi dear

    how much cost and how did u get it

  2. i ordered it my self bro,straight from japan

  3. HI dear
    how can i order it can u give my the adress

    and the steps of ordring