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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tips For Your GTR Tyres

Guys, i think i should share with you regarding the NISSAN GTR R35 Tyres,

1) For The Front Tyres for nissan GTR R35 tyres can all be use maximum up t0 20000km,

if not your tyre will be like the picture attached. This is due to the camber setting from nissan

for the purpose of better handling.This tyres cannot be rotate front to rear and cannot be rotate

inside to outside.

2) For the Rear tyres, it can last double life time compared to the front approximate 35000- 40000km.

3) Basically my best advise is, once you get your GTR from the showroom..bring them to a workshop and ask them to open the underneath cover and send it to a tyre shop and adjust the camber and do the allignment as well.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bone.
    So basically for R35 the tyre wear is not direct result of the rear-biased system? It's just the camber setting? And if the camber is adjusted as u said, will it affect handling?

    Btw is GTR stock tyres Bridgestone Potenza semi-slick not good for wet track/rainy days? I've seen a few GTRs (not at the same time) parked on the left if the highway during rain.