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Monday, July 19, 2010

Nissan Fairlady VQ35 Full Engine Rebuilt

Currently, we are doing a full rebuilt to this VQ35 engine for the nissan fairlady.
Basically the reason we rebuilt it is because the engine oil level always reduce.
After checking and the inspection, we noticed at the spark plug the stained of the engine oil burn together is there. We did a compression test as well. The dry and wet compression test.
The piston rings need to be replace and the whole gaskets and seals as well.


  1. Hello.. I would like to ask about how much is required to rebuild VQ35. I own a Fairlady and thinking of to rebuild it. I know its depend on the engine condition but,i want to know the price range. Thank you.

  2. approximate 7-8k depends on the condition of the engine