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Friday, July 16, 2010

Accesport AP NIS 006 Arrived And Tested

!)Line pressure adjustment

We haven't adjusted these and the probably should not be modified until I have data logging working for the TCM.

2)Power reduction break points These are heat break points. As the Trans gets hotter it will start to pull power. To eliminate that effect you can raise these temperature break points.

3)Maps:There are no maps in the firmware for right now. As soon as I get some feed back on some of the AP-NIS-006 features I'll send out them LC1 maps

4)AccessPORT Firmware:As you might expect the firmware will be changing often, be sure to update your AccessPORT periodically. The basic functionality of the AccessPORT is the same for the AP-NIS-006 as it is for the AP-NIS-005. The TCM capabilities will be very similar to the ECU capabilities.

5)Install process:IF you are using a new AP-NIS-006 the install process is exactly the same. Once the ECU installation has happens you'll be presented with new messages about the TCM. The flow is exactly like the ECU, you will be asked to select a map, and then given the option to dump the TCM. After that the Map will be flashed to the TCM. The best thing is to use a battery charger when doing this.

6)Change map process:In the AP-NIS-006 you'll see a new option under "Tune" and that will be TCM map change. It works just like the ECU map change. The best thing is to use a battery charger when doing this.

7)Uninstall:The uninstall process will remove the AccessPORT from the TCM and the ECU. The best thing is to use a battery charger when doing this.

8)Transmission adjustments:To get to the transmission adjustments go to “Tune->transmission adjustments” you will then be presented with two options.

9)Clutch learning.The car will need to be warmed up, in park and running to do this. The trans fluid needs to be at 55 C. I've added code to the AccessPORT to try and help the end users figure out what the AccessPORT is doing.

10)Touch point adjustmentThe AccessPORT will read the 4 adjustments from the TCM and then allow you to modify them one at a time.