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Friday, October 26, 2012

Kw Sleeve Kit For Nissan GTR R35

Planned to Lower your GTR Ride  with better handling..???? Here's my best solution for u

The KW sleeve kit for the Nissan R35 GT-R is designed to work with the factory struts and mounts. The provided springs give a much more sporty ride and lowers the car enough to improve the balance of the car. Like all KW Suspension parts, the sleeve coil over kit is very high quality. Most of the time, a kit of this type would create noisy squeaks and pops that can be irritating. The KW design eliminates this with proper spring rates and utilization of factory rubber mounts.

This KW "Sleeve over" kit is a great option for enthusiasts looking to sharpen the handling of their vehicle, as well as lowering ride height. The Sleeve over kit is designed to work with OE Nissan/Bilstein strut towers, meaning you can still utilize factory race and comfort suspension presets.

Basiclly we will use back Your OEM Absorber

Ready Stock

Spring Rates:

•Front 800lbs / 363kg

•Rear 460lbs / 209kg


  1. lowered gtr...cantik tu...tapi brape harganya?

  2. how much does it cost?

  3. bone, boleh upload gambar gtr yg dh dipasang kit ni kat sini? nak tgk..timasih..

  4. WTG 35 nak pasang satu set.. boleh la kontek dia untuk mengetahui prestasi dan maklumat mengenai produk ni dengan lebih lanjut. sebagai duta produk ni.. pasti segala keraguan anda akan terjawab..hihi.

  5. hi ats, interesting kit. can i hv wtg 35 contact number? tqvm.