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Friday, April 6, 2012

New Customer's with some Tuning Strike Again

Hello Malaysia.

This New GTR owner brought in his brand new car to us for  some upgrades before he officially drive it.
This GTR  Colour is one of the RARE colour in our region. The interior is in white :) So for the upgrades we installed the

1) Password JDM Exhaust <-- super Loud
2) ART Mid Pipe
3) ART Turbo Outlet
4) 1000cc Injector Dynamics
5) Knn Drop In filter
6) Custom Map via COBB

The Base power for a stock GTR on this dyno is around 380awhp 
After an hour tweaking we manged to get  510 awhp


  1. bone, what is awhp?

  2. Bro...all wheel horsepower...;)