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Friday, February 10, 2012

Sneak Preview For Nissan GTR R35 1000hp Turbo Kit

Hey Guys,
Im glad to share to all of you what we Offered to one of our GTR customer for his RIDE.
Here are some sneak preview pictures for the newest NISSAN GTR R35 turbo kit  that not yet be reveal in the market,Still in beta testing but already finalize and at the last stage.I believe this will hit the market in the near future.This turbo kit come with the CAST Superflow Exhaust Manifold. The design itself will make alot of difference for the turbo to spool. After we tested the HKS GT800 Turbo Kit and Others Reputable Hybrid turbo Brand ..Now We are going to install  this for one of our customer ..  This turbokit will match together with our 4.0 Engine :)  Stay tune !!!



  1. Ape kesudahan cerita ni Bone? meletop (have a positive mind) ke? hehe..

    1. Tak meletop busy with other smaller turbokit..not many customers prefer this turbokit