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Monday, August 15, 2011

Nissan GTR Parts Arrived

Currently we have a few bodykits available here at Our shop.

Currently We have those item in stocks

1) Rexspeed Type M carbon front lips

2) SideSkirt

3) Amuse Spoiler

4) Injector Dynamics 1000cc

5) Cusco Front and Rear Strut bars

6) AMS Intercooler

7) WALD Rear Diffuser

8) APP Brake Pads

9) Cobb Tuning SF Intake

10) Cobb Tuning Blow Off Valve

11)Ap Racing Disc Rotor

12) Stillen Brake Hoses

13) Intercooler Pipes

14) HKS Dct Cooler

15) TURBO Kit

16) Dodson Clutches and other parts ..

17) And Some OEM PARTS &-- email me to enquire.

18) Akrapovic Rear cat Back Exhaust System

19) Used Tubi Exhaust System

20) ART Titanium Exhaust system

21) Veilside Bodykit version 1

And too many too list. Please email me for further details

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