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Friday, April 22, 2011

NissaN GTR R34 V-spec 2 with R35 Brembo Brake System

Salam and Hie everybody,

Here at ATS Automobile, we improved a nissan gtr r34 v-spec braking system by putting the NISSAN GTR R35 braking system. The Original r34 is using brembo 4 pot. Now this car is using 6 pot at the front and 4 pot at the rear.Since there's no plug and play kit for this conversion..we over here need to customize all of the adapters,brake hoses and the rear brake lining. Safety is the main thing that i always put in my mind. Alhamdullilah everything works perfect. Thank you to the ATS team who participate in this project.


  1. hey, you have got a very nice blog, i am also looking to sell car

  2. Im after the adapters how much for the pair of on there own.