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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3rd Week In 2011 AT ATS Automobile

Today is 19th January and it's my Girlfriend birthday :)

Anyway for the 3rd week in 2011, we are very busy over here serving some local and european cars and few of NISSAN GTR R35.

For the Nissan GTR R35,

1) we have the bonnet damper issue over here,the funny part..the owner didn't meet in any accident. He said he only hit a hole and suddenly "KEBBBBOOOM" the bonnet light POP UP and the frt bonnet start to RAISE up. SO guys, please becareful while driving your GTR , try to avoid those holes on the road..

2) we also installed actuators and "ART engine oil pan for few customers recently :)

3) For our few new customers "MR Tan", "MR sim" and "MR mick" welcome and thank you for sending your GTR to us :)

4) Also recently at ATS Automobile, we encounter "check engine light" appeared to some gtr.

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