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Monday, December 13, 2010

Nissan GTR R35 with tubi exhaust system

Here at ATS Automobile, we installed a TUBI exhaust system for the nissan gtr.

I assume this exhaust system is the first set in malaysia. Although tubi is well known for the european cars..again they proved their talent at building the exhaust.Once started the engine the sound was unique with different tone on the VR38 engine.


  1. once u fitted it to a gtr make sure you record the sound!! and please send it to me!!
    NAK DENGAR GAK!!! (bet its gonna be awesome)

  2. The Tubi exhaust may be a great technical addition to this Nissan. I don't know more about it. One of the most important thing is that I've to choose one used car from old Nissan list.

  3. How awesome! I never thought of doing something like this, though I have HATED the mess that always exists in Exhaust systems Great post!

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  4. Awesome Nissan GTR R35 with tubi exhaust system. I love it. I will use car valuation india from IBB for new Nissan GTR R35.