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Friday, September 10, 2010

GoodBye Honda Civic Ep 3

On the night of hari raya eve, i handed over my lovely car to the new owner from Johor.

I've been with this car for few years and it's a fun car to drive around.Lots of sweet memories with this car.Anyway Its about time to let go because i need to move on to achieve my other bigger dream in this industry.Insyallah.


  1. woo hoo time to upgrade to GTR!!

  2. No la brother.Im waiting for Ur GTR :)

  3. Yup.... a lot of memories...... ;)

  4. noooo why you sell bro :(

  5. May be some people are not interested to buy the new Honda Civic model. But I want to buy one used Honda Civic model for my family. It provides awesome appearance for a family car.
    But I don't know how cost will it be?