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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nissan GTR R35 Y Pipe

Hello Guys,

For a good start modification for the gtr, the best is to install the y pipe.

Our new performance Y-Pipe for the GTR removes two of the restrictive exhaust Catalytic Convertors. This is the ideal first upgrade for customers that are disappointed in the standard cars muted exhaust note. The Y-pipe allows the engine to breath more easily and subtly improves the exhaust tone. This cost effect upgrade provides the following improvements:

-Greatly improved exhaust note at both idle and full throttle
-Sharper throttle response
-Quicker spooling of turbos
-Improved low rev torque
-Twin flexible joints to allow movement
-Tuned Y length to avoid droning at motorway speeds
-Reduced weight (Saving 7kg over original section)
-Highest quality aircraft-grade stainless steel


  1. There would certainly be a lot of benefits when installing this exhaust. It's wonderful to see better products like this.