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Monday, June 28, 2010

Nissan GTR R35 transmission service

Hello guys,

Today we have a nissan gtr r35 with 60,000km mileage.One of the highest mileage i ever seen

and the first 1000 units.The car is in perfect condition.Today i my self removed the ACM@valvebody for the nissan gr6 for inspection and servicing. Being honest im so surprised to see the inner part.Everything was perfect and in super marvellous condition..only a lil bit of metal parts.We service and reinstall it back.Conclusion for the GR6 transmission. Its not true dat all the gtr cars have the gearbox problem.Its the way how u drive it and maintain it.I my self did a bunch of gtr gearbox and realize only a few having weakness components.My best advice..

1) Change the gearoil every 10,ooo or 15,oookm ,depends on the TM temp.
2) Make the gr6 cooler.
3) service or overhaul valvebody around 30,000km
4) Do clutch learning
5) Dont play with ur Launch Control

If u have any thing to ask for the gr6, email me at


  1. You should know your vehicle very well and be aware of the alterations in the driving style of your vehicle.

  2. hey, i will be buying a gtr soon . any advise? should i get the 2011 or the 2009? what specs do u suggest? is it possible for you guys to help me inspect the car as I'm worried the car may have any problem. hope to get your reply ASAP.

    Mr.Ong - 0126679755