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Monday, August 24, 2009

Nissan Gtr 35 Parts And Accesories

Rear Oem Spoiler Carbon Fibre rm5200

1) Accesport Cobb Tunning- call for pricing

-To remove speedcut
-Reflash Ecu Mapping
-Remoce DTC
-Data Logging
-Custom Tune
-No cutting wire
-Very Very Very good and reliable product

2) Nissan Gtr Carpet Black OEM - Rm 3500

3) Nissan Gtr Y-Pipe without resonator or with resonator sus304 material- Rm 2000/ Rm 2500

4) Harman Motive Air Intake kit- Rm 3000

5) K&N Drop In filter

1 comment:

  1. Hi ATS,

    Do you provide the expertise to service the Nissan GTR 35?

    Since it is a sophisticated machine, I would like to know if your workshop can perform maintenance and servicing on this car.