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Monday, June 19, 2017

Nissan GTR R35 Nismo Body Kit Available

Boring with your Nissan GTR look??? Currently we have the NISMO GTR R35 Bodykit  Available.

We have the FRONT, SIDE AND REAR AVAILABLE. Grab it will stock last.

Ramadhan Scenery At ATS Automobile

Some Sexy ASS of the Nissan GTR R35 with their Top Secret Rear Lips and Revozport Wing

Monday, October 3, 2016

Unleashed the The Nissan GTR wih the HKS 4.3L Stroker Kit with HKS GT1000 Turbokit

After many years servicing Nissan GTR R35,we learnt the hard way to gain experiences from engine rebuilding/upgrading/upgraded turbo/transmission diagnose and many more. We are proud to share that we had installed a numbers of GT800 turbokit, GT900 turbokit and GT1000 turbokit . Also for the engine we had increase the displacement with the  HKS 4.1 stroker kit and HKS 4.3 stroker kit. We got lots of faith with the Japanese brand because they did alot of Research before producing the end parts and the technical support is number 1.


After exploring and Researching I myself totally agreed with some tuners from japan regarding the wheels. Also this wheels offer superior strength and lightweight character. This wheels are Forged wheels and deep concave . We have ready stock for this sexy wheels. For more information please do follow us at instagram #atsautomobile

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ferrari 458 Italia Exhaust Upgrade + Dyno Tuning + Ecu Remap


This Innocent Ferrari 458, gets new full exhaust system +ecu remap tuning.  After the owner been driving it 2 months with the stock condition then he decided to go for this upgarde

 We also did the Dyno power run before and after installin the exhaust to see how much HP gain for this ferrari 458 italia. I will upload the dyno chart  soon. Thank you to our DynoDynamics to provide the result.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Building 2 Nissan GTR Forged Engine In one time +HKS Goodies+ HKS Intercooler + HKS GT800

Nismo Head Lamp and Tail Lamp Here At ATS Automobile

Here At ATS Automobile, Nismo head and tail lamps are always in stock. Those headlamps make the appearance of the car become extra marvellous :)